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Chain Pulley Block

Manual hoists, also known as Chain Pulley Blocks, are a proven solution for heavy load management. Widely used across industries with lifting needs, this product works on the principle of a chain coiled on two wheels in chain blocks.

Whether it’s a factory, construction site or warehouse, this versatile product fits in perfectly at any facility. Simple usage, wide applicability and robust design make it a must have in the industry.

Chain pulley blocks are heavy-duty and have been designed to offer maximum durability and load-bearing capacity for extensive usage applications. With capacities ranging from 0.5t to 50t, the product range offers quite a flexibility to choose from.


  • A wide range of capacities facilitates a wide of range of application
  • Prominent sectors include Metals & Metal Processing, Engineering (Heavy/Light), Infrastructure, Mining, Food Processing and Pharmaceuticals, Defence, Petro-chemicals, Power (All Types), Automobile and Ancillary products, Steel, Agriculture and all other material handling industries.
  • Can easily simplify the work done by manual labor
  • Fits well in industries where heavy load-lifting is required or with assembly line function.
  •  Lever Hoists in particular can be used to position pipelines etc.
  • Pulling Lifting Machines are used to pull rail wagons, fishermen ship into repair shops etc.


  • Chain Pulley Blocks and Ratchet Lever Hoists can be used to lift loads vertically without any need for electrical connections
  • Pulling Lifting Machines help with moving loads both vertically as well as horizontally.
  • Trolleys help in cross directional movement of loads when mounted along a manual hoist.
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