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Double Girder EOT Crane

If you need to transport heavy loads more than 50t across large areas or have high work duty, then double girder traveling cranes are your first choice. Due to various main girder connection options, the double girder overhead crane integrate well into different building structures, whether new or existing.

They can be utilized at any capacity where extremely high hook lift is required because the hook can be pulled up between the girders.

Double girder overhead cranes can be fitted with maintenance platforms under motors, on the rigging or over the full span of the roller beam. It can be offered for a very large range of spans, heights of lift as well as customized speeds depending on your application. They can also be provided with multiple hoisting trolleys running on the same bridge or auxiliary hoisting mechanisms on the main trolley.

In general, double girder cranes are used for heavy-duty applications, which means components are more complex, driving the cost of this type of crane higher.  There are other design considerations with double girder cranes such as building support structure, more material, and additional support columns that can also increase costs.  Costs and applications considered, double girder cranes are ideal for heavy loads and frequent operations.   These cranes are especially common in steel production facilities and shipping ports, but we have installed them in many different industries, indoors and outdoors.


  • High long and cross-travel speeds thanks to high-performance double-girder design
  • Light dead weight reduces investment layout
  • Crane girders can be adapted to building structure requirements
  • Minimum approach dimensions thanks to compact traveling hoist design
  • Crane control to meet application requirements: Remote control, control pendant or cabin control
  • Maintenance platform and accessible crab facilitate maintenance of building interior fittings (optional)
  • End carriages of torsion rigid, welded box-section design
  • Soft starting helps to avoid load sway
  • Limit switches protect the hoist and load from damage
  • Anti-collision protection and crane distance controls ensure the safe operation of several cranes on one runway


  • Greater maximum span and capacity
  • Extra hook height 
  • Ideal for lifting heavy equipment and frequent heavy loads
  • Special features such as walkways, operator cabs, and lights can be added and supported 
  • Double girder cranes are easy in maintenance
  • According to the different production needs, the module design can be added or reduced.


Suitable for machining workshop, metallurgy industry workshop, warehouse, stockyard, power station, light and textile industry workshop, food industry workshop.

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