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Single Girder EOT Crane

The EOT crane, as one of the material handling systems, is a reliable and safe choice for lots of industrial applications. This crane comes with a wire rope, hook, electric motor brake, drum, pulley, and several other components.  It passes through rails attached to Gantry Girders. The major structure of an EOT crane includes a bridge girder, designed with U, I beams and other rolled sections.  There are two end carriages to back up this bridge girder, and each of these carriages has a pair of wheels. A wire rope hoist hangs below this bridge girder. You can operate the crane with a pendant station, suspending from the rope hoist. This pendant station is not reliant on the hoist movement, and manufacturers can customize it based on their choices.

The EOT crane is available with Single and Double Girders. The Single Girder EOT Cranes are one of the convenient choices for your warehouses and small production units. In some cases, you may also use to manage a hot metal ladle. 

With a compact design and modular construction, this crane helps you to lift much amount of load. Manufacturers have used high-quality wire rope hoist for deigning single EOT cranes.


  • Overload limiter, for lifting safety
  • Electromagnetic brake, quick response.
  • Limit switch for long traveling
  • Welding quality inspection, guarantee load capacity of main girder and end beam/carriage.
  • Electrical protection system


  • The track crane is hanging on the top of the workshop. Without the need of pillar, so the space can be used fully.
  • Improve the plant space utilization and save the workshop cost.
  • Light structure, which is easy to install and maintain.
  • Low power and low energy consumption.
  • Light weight can reduce cost and easily to operate.
  • According to the different production needs, the module design can be added or reduced.


Single Girder EOT Cranes have modular design, light structure, low cost, sufficient space and convenient operation. It is widely used in machining industry, workshop, warehouse, building materials, logistics, engineering, metallurgy, power industry, chemical industry, steel storage, open storage areas, cargo yard ect.

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